Signal Strategies 

Use this technique to maximize your profit by trading under our signals

Achieve All Targets:

Each signal comes with 3 Targets. 
1) 5-7%

2) 10-15%

3) 15-25%

Now let us consider that you get a signal of WAN/BTC

Buy: 900 - 920

Sell: 1100 - 1250 - 1500

Stop Loss: 850


Now imagine that WAN hit it's 1st Target of 1100 & you have not sell it as you want higher targets. Now in this case the risk can be their as in case WAN doesn't achieve it's all targets. Then in this case, when WAN crossed it's 1st Target you can change your STOP LOSS from 850 to your BUY PRICE(consider 910).

By doing this you can minimize your risk to 0% because if in case the market crash or WAN start falling, your bid will execute at your BUY price which will be 0/0 trade as their will be no profit & no loss. 


By using such technique you can always go for higher targets by risking 0% of your investment.


*Remember: We don't advise this technique to traders of small amount as they must take small profits as they lack in investment. This technique can be used by those traders who have sufficient amount of investment and can wait for longer time to make maximum profit.