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How Signals Work?

What's the accuracy of the signals?

Our signal accuracy is up to 90%. We don't believe in quantity signals and only focus on quality signals as we believe that it's better to invest in few signals with high success rates rather than investing in more signals with low success rates.

How much profit on each signal?

For Binance: (Low/Med Risk : Low/Med Returns) Each signal profit percentage varies between 5% - 25% for short term. For Bitmex: (Med/High Risk : Med/High Returns) Each signal profit percentage varies between 15% - 100% for short term.

How signals are given?

Each signal is given in BTC Satoshi's value. Take a look at this example to understand how signals are given. Suppose XRP/BTC price to be: 0.00008312 Now if we will give you a signal after our analysis then it will come in this form: Exchange: Binance Coin: XRP/BTC Buy: 8250 - 8400 Sell: 8800 - 9200 - 9800 Stop Loss: 7800 Here you can see that we have removed the zero's from the signal( 0.00008312) so that you don't get confused during placing order.

What to do if I miss a signal?

We only recommend our users to trade in our signal as soon as they receive the notification (which you will get through the app when we will publish a signal). If you saw the signal late, you must not invest in it.

Can I sell a coin before the given sell bids?

Yes, you can sell a coin before our given sell bids but it will lead to low profit. As our sell bids start from a minimum of 5% profit & goes up to 25% for Binance.

In how much time a signal achieve it's targets?

Each signal comes with 3 Targets: 1) 5-7% 2) 10-15% 3) 15-25% 1st Traget is done b/w 0-4 days (0 being within few hours) 2nd Target is done b/w 5-10 days 3rd Target is done b/w 11-20 days Note: Data provided here is calculated on the bases of average time each signal takes in achieving it's targets & considering market growth & stability. Maximum signals achieve their all targets within short period of time(0-7 days) but no market stability/decreasing market cap/high sell off market volatility/ can result in delay/loss.

Signal passed without hitting given targets!

Let's cosider an example for better understanding: Suppose You Get A Signal: Exchange: Binance - NANO/BTC Buy Range: 2470 - 2520 Sell Range: 2650 - 2750 - 2900 Stop Loss: 2250 Now suppose that the coin fluctuate and went down till 2300(stop loss not triggered) and after few days again pumped backed to buying range(2470 - 2520). Consider that the coin has not reached the target but we notified you that target has been done, but how? When signal was shared the value of NANO was 0.91$ and after all pump & dump when it again reached back in it's buying range it's value is 0.99$ which is increased by approx 10%, but how? This is due to the increase in satoshi value(BTC). When signal was given consider the value of BTC was 3700$ and after all pump & dump in NANO and at time when NANO again came back in it's buying range the value of BTC is 4000$ which indirectly raised our coin value within same buying range. So in these case a signal is marked as complete and we advise all our user to exit their positions accordingly. This a special case and happens very rarely.